Wednesday, May 14, 2014

"" Job - Opening

1. You will receive funds for the task.
2. You will receive instructions for the task you via email in the location and details of the task.
3. You must complete the task as quickly as possible and quietly.
4. You will be asked to visit various Western Union locations to investigate recent unethical behaviours reported to us.
5. You will be asked to visit the business location for doing good business restaurants, shopping stores, etc.
Be advised that_all payments will be made via secure ACH transfer only, so all applicants are required to have a checking account for funding.
The assignment will pay you S200/assignment of 2 assignment a week.

Please_reply this email with the correct-information_below to sign-up :

1. Name :
2. Physical A-ddress :
3. Citys / states /:
4. Zip codes :
5. Phone :
6. Gender :
7. Ages :

So we look forward working with you.

Team Surveyor

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